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photoblog image Birth my swag - Close down your street 3
My swag has got no place to hide ,  I let it out like iv got no life without it.  my street is where i roam - did i still that line from my boss ? I hear these busses will soon be swept out of lagos , Im glad i got a whip so i don't bus no more but i love the sight of them. To me they represent a nation or more like a legion. . . they are a legion.
tim hitchins from leeds,uk:) 18 Apr 2009, 10:26
love the shot, feel it would be far better in mono, what do you think?
Yinka Obebe: Thanks Tim. I'll post a mono version in a while.I agree it should be nice in mono, but far better - not sure about that.
Thanks for coming by, and how have you been? Its been a while.

Mokshi Kalsotra from India 18 Apr 2009, 20:07
Like the shot.. Somehow, i feel the colors add to the mood of the picture. We tend to present potraits in b/w most of the times, but the tones and coloring of the picture are really interesting and add to the overall interest.
Yinka Obebe: Happy you like it, I am Nigerian , i am african, we like colours. I am happy the tones and coloring are interesting to you. . . it caught me too.

Craig Martin from United States 19 Apr 2009, 18:01
Very nice, and I agree with the comment on the tones - the yellow adds something here. I think I would cloned out the object in the top left hand corner though, as it is pretty distracting. Same for the two poles in the upper right while I was at it.
Yinka Obebe: Thanks for the love .pretty much like your eye can be the lens, you can permit the depthof field in your eye too. see what you really desire to see - the foreground.thanks bro , im posting more images and please stop by often and drop a word.

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Tranquilo from Germany 21 Apr 2009, 21:25
Wow. Powerful shot, and I'd like to see a mono shot of this one too. Although I do find the colours very artistic. Great portrait, after all. And the DOF pretty much inspires my fantasy sections of the brain. Thank you.

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camera Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
exposure mode full manual
shutterspeed 1/500s
aperture f/4.5
sensitivity ISO100
focal length 76.0mm
Birth my swag - Close down your street.Birth my swag - ...
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