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photoblog image Birth my swag - close down your street

I have missed shutterchance like a child would if he had a fever on christmas day.                                  I have Not been doing too much with photography , been involved majorly with creative directing and production for television .

In the while, everytime i by chance flip the pages of the glossy paper,  creative energy erupts within me, i get hold of my camera and snap the living daylight out of it till i almost loose my breathe.

This love which i have tried to make my primary vocation, but my taste for photography causes me to withdraw from time to time and quest for perfection in my spirit as an artist. 

The draught of means ,the time ,the  enablement , the resources and  my insane appetite for my perfect expression - yet i speak my mind with my camera alone and sunlight.

Please enjoy my series , "Birth my swag - close down your street 1", i did this shoot a while back for the 1st and baddest music and lifestyle channel in nigeria - NIGEZIE. watch Nigezie on SKY 204, if you live in the UK.

Tbs 17 Apr 2009, 08:05
In your effort to pursue art (being ur passion), i vividly remember reading somewhere that the completeness of art can only be guessed.
I think u love camera snapping much more, but we are all controlled by quid! Aint?
My point... dont lose it.
Good Job.
Can i name this....'Agro-eccentric'?
Yinka Obebe: agro- centric . . .lol . . . thats why i asked you to close down your street.there is def a centric going on , the agro is also very appropriate.while i was shooting i got some vibe from both models that i had never got in a long time - the chemistry got to me too.they let go totally you know. I am looking foward to doing more work with them sometime around the corner.Tubosun thanks for coming by, and im glad you love the image.

DrAW! from United States 18 Apr 2009, 04:27
welcome back bro smile
Yinka Obebe: Hey thanks plenty million. How are you and family. I really do appreciate ur stopping by. But you haven't said what you think about the image.

DrAW! from United States 19 Apr 2009, 20:41
it's well captured overal and it's egaging

i'd compose a little differently
i'd 'move' the pillar and nitel building more to the left and the people a little to the right
i'd try to preserve the highlight detail, especially in the shoes (not that we need it too much)
i'd desaturate the image a little bit (because there are humans in the shot) and though i suspect it's a matter of taste, i'll also remove the yellow cast

hope this helps
Yinka Obebe: Thanks bro. But i didn't have the books when i was shooting , only had my camera. Did you say it's well captured overal and it's egaging . . .ok shi kena.Case closed.At least 5/10.

Ada from United States 21 Apr 2009, 06:20
Welcome back Yinka...nice. I actually love your processing style for this series...
Yinka Obebe: Thank you , glad you love the image.

olatoun okunnu from Nigeria 24 Apr 2009, 16:42
nteresting stuff

latest comment
olatoun okunnu from Nigeria 24 Apr 2009, 16:47
but i kind of agree with dr its a bit too bright, still an interesting shot though

must fill in
for this photo I'm in a positive comments icon ShMood©
camera Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
exposure mode full manual
shutterspeed 1/500s
aperture f/4.5
sensitivity ISO100
focal length 24.0mm
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